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Time Flies

What a difference a month makes. Here in Northern Indiana, you would think it's January 21st, not November 21st! The temperatures and fairly constant stream of snow we have been experiencing is out of the ordinary of the winters we have been experiencing in the last few year. I did see one wooly worm this fall who was scrambling to get into my garden shed and apparently that worm KNEW it was coming! I have spent the past few weeks raking leaves and doing all the other "fall" things in preparation.

So as we start the week heading towards Thanksgiving, what are you going to be thankful for?

My gratitude list includes:

I am thankful for my health and the health of all of my family members

I am thankful for my home.

I am thankful for the beautiful views out my windows. I never get tired of seeing the change of the seasons, do you? I know that some of you reading do not see much of a change in seasons, but even when I lived in tropical Florida, there was a slight..very slight shift in the air and you knew summer was at last coming to an end!

I am thankful for the great variety of birds at my feeders, which are very plentiful right now as the natural seeds are buried until spring

I am thankful that I will have family at the table with me on Thanksgiving

I am thankful for the recent classes I have been taking on SEO and how to further expand my business

I am thankful that soon we will have a new President and cabinet and perhaps they will be able to at least give the world and the country a sense that all is not doom and gloom that we hear constantly on the news.

Finally, I am thankful for Active Rain and all of its generous participants. I have learned more here in a year than I could have ever imagined when I signed up for my account. Thank you all for your thoughts, your arguments, your sharing of knowledge and oh yes, HAVE A WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

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